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      Company Profile

      Founded in 2007, TBB Power Co., Ltd is headquartered in Xiamen, China with subsidiaries in Europe and North America. The company specializes in the development and manufacturing of independent power system solutions that are applied in recreational vehicles, utility vehicles, commercial vehicles, and other professional vehicles, as well as in boats and marine engineering platforms, covering power generation, conversion, storage, digital distribution, intellectual monitoring, IoT and other professional modules. Our total employees have exceeded 1000, including a highly qualified and experienced R&D team of 200 engineers. Upholding the business philosophy of "Build with Clients", we strive to be at the forefront of power system development and manufacturing and to become a top global brand for independent power systems.

      Development Path


      Company foundation.


      Became one of the main suppliers of inverter and UPS power products.


      The first in China to launch a bi-directional inverter for both vehicles and boats.


      Launched its first power system tailored for RVs.


      Passed the IATF16949 Certification.
      REGO independent offgrid system made its debut in China.


      Released REGO X Fully Digital Smart Offgrid System.


      Became a top brand of independent RV power systems in China and Australia.
      Launched the driving-and-parking integrated DC power solutions for air conditioner with proven success in commercial vehicles.


      REGO D48 Smart Dual Alternator Charging Offgrid System.
      REGO officially released in the North American market.
      Launched power solutions for commercial garden equipment.


      Released MOANA Super Yacht Digital Power System, accomplishing a comprehensive land&marine product matrix.

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      • REGO X12
      • MEZZO
      • REGO X12
      • MEZZO

      M12-400 CM3.0L C4

      Freedom through energy independence

      Thanks to high performance lithium battery (bank) and powerful inverter charger, TBB's Inverter Pack is competent to power air-conditioner and other heavy duty home appliances.

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      CM3.0L M12-400 DM1245 A7 CRS29A

      A professional power solution dedicated for free camping

      REGO X12 delivers a green experience without compromising performance. With multiple energy sources, the system fully replaces or significantly reduces the need for generators or idling.

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      LMP18 LMP30 DMT1250 M12-100 C4

      Electrical system for motorhome and campervan

      MEZZO is designed for motorhome or camper van, with many new technologies applied, including digital switching, wireless switch, Bluetooth, lithium battery, etc.

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      Product Series

      Sufficient product line to meet various RV needs
      • Inverter

      • Charger

      • Battery

      • Others

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      Vehicle Management Platform

      Remote Monitoring Of Vehicle Electrical Equipment
      • Vehicle real-time positioning, track monitoring
      • Speed, tire pressure monitoring
      • Battery charge and discharge, energy data monitoring
      • Vehicle history information record
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      Sufficient product line to meet various RV needs
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